Thread: [Solved] Rapidgator is dog slow
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Default Rapidgator is dog slow

Overnight Rg went from using the max allowed (2.38MB/s) to around 64 KiB/s TOTAL for the three threads I allow any one host. (I allow up to six total downloads--three from free sites and three from a Premium site.) I have had two other DLs running--one from KS and one from UL--and there is no difference to RG.

This happened some time Sunday, and I did not see it tied to any update of JD or any change to my network topology, or any update to my mac (running Mavericks). Today I took the latest JD update to see if that would help, but no change.

I have opened several of the slow links in the browser, and the load at cable-wire speeds (2.7MB/s in Safari).

Here is the log ID: 23.02.15 20.32.26to23.02.15 20.32.25 jdlog://8752986763241/