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Default Megairon updated there error messages

I had a conversation with Megairon tech support since JD2 was not handling this Hoster well: I started by finding files which were premium-only, but JD was not giving that message. By chance, every other link in my package was Premium-only, and when it got to the third non-Premium link, JD got to the next problem.

It appeared the plug-in was just spinning and not providing proper feedback. When I opened the link in the browser, I got a non-specific message that I could not DL so many files in a particular time. I asked Megairon about this, and they CHANGED that message to something like "you can only DL one file every 120 min." The plug-in could now be updated with this timer, like RG has.

The next problem happened after a couple of DLs, where I got a different non-specific message that my "daily DL limit had been met". I sent another email to support, and they said that you can only DL two files a day. (This is also a bummer, especially if you are grabbing only small files.) I would imagine that the plug-in can be updated with this info also.

Although Megairon updated the wait-time message between files, I don't think they updated the daily limit info. Also, I know they did not update their Terms of Service. If you want, I can provide the conversation with their support.
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