Thread: [User feedback required] "open in browser" opens all items in package
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I just did some experimentation in both Linkgrabber and Downloads, and THIS is different from my previous version. If I do not have something PRESELECTED, JD does not auto-select the item when I right-click, so the context is not correct. For instance, I was trying to "Set Download Directory" in Properties. If the item is already selected BEFORE right-click, everything looks like my previous version. If the item is NOT already selected, then Properties does not show up in the popup menu.

What probably happened with the original bug is the one link I wanted to delete was not already selected, and when I right-clicked and selected delete, it deleted the package where the cursor was. To check the other case, I grabbed the same links from my browser history to recreate the package (thanks to the bug!), selected the one link first, and was able to delete it without deleting the package.
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