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Default myJD times out and goes to logout

myJD keeps returning to the logout URL after some period of time.

I have this on ALL browsers running Windows, with or without the JD plugin installed. Specifically, Ie, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Somewhere between 30-60 seconds after FIRST getting to my home machine, myJD will time out, show a "Maintenance (hide)" toast, go to a blank [myJD] page, and then the logout screen will show after another 15-30s. I can speed up the process by clicking on myJDownloader at the top, and then click on my home machine's icon. But then it will still go through this cycle everytime.

I checked the Advanced Settings of JD to see if there was a "disconnect after X seconds" setting, but I didn't see anything that would explain it. My home machine is a Mac Pro (Late 2013) running Mojave. On a side note, it's really really slow talking to my home machine even on fast networks. With the power of my home box--and nothing else is taking much power when I'm remote--I'd expect everything to be very speedy.

This has been happening for several months (>4). I have searched the forum for a similar report and found one, but I did not see a solution to this problem. (That entry had multiple issues in addition to this one.) That thread was marked as solved so I started a new one.
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