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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@cremor: about the password, what host/account did you enter? the api doesn't even support to export/reveal the password, so the plugin for the host is causing this. I will check/update plugin but I need to know which one
It's a account.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Make sure that no extensions mess with your cookie/storage nor remove/shorten any URLs. this sounds like something messes with the stored id and that's why it's invalid. I'm not aware of any unfixed issue here but I will ask the dev about it
I'm not using anything fancy, but I'll try to rule out my extensions. But since the problem is not 100% reproduceable, this will be annoying to test

Btw, I'm not only getting that "invalid id" error when I click on the JDownloader entry in your Firefox extension, but also when I click on one entry on the My.JDownloader index page.

I'm using Firefox with the following extensions:
Default Bookmark Folder
HTTPS Everywhere
Tampermonkey (just one user script for a different site)
uBlock Origin (it's not blocking anything on the my.jdownloader site)

Latest version of everything.
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