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Well I was just excluding the RAM as a possible cause of slowdown. I'm using 16GB/32 (JDownloader = 4GB, Firefox 1.4GB (5000+ tabs) + the rest).

I filtered to display archive, checksums, executable file, others, subtitle file. So I assume if I select all these will be removed from the list. Then I can check the filter to show audio, image & video files (I realise that zips could contain videos but I initially wanted images only). I have just one hoster which I excluded so it should remain after I delete all selected.

If it helps I have 356724 links from

What it was it that I found some previews of some pictures on yandex search but the gallery was deleted. I edited the w & h dimentions in the url and I could get a iwebp file of 1065x1600 resolution. I used revese yandex reverse image lookup on that file and I got a jpg version (better fidelity) of one of the 2 pics. I guessed that there maybe more similar pictures but the gallery was deleted. So I deep scanned the url of the previews but without first filtering for iwebp, jpg, image file type.

I want to try filtering for image but program doesn't respond to a request to exit its using 10% cpu 303KB/s disk access (hard drive, I'd rather save my SSD writes).

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