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Default Forum CODE block issue

Just a little report, the CODE block, that is :
This one !
When viewing the post who contain it from a thread work fine, but when viewing a single post, the post itself spread across the whole screen, but the CODE block keep its same size, meaning that code with long lines (longer than the CODE block width) will appear on multiples lines.
Example from a real script :

if (code) {
                        } else if (subtitleData[counterD][2] == userLanguage.replace(/#/g, '') && !isAnyVariant && (isSpecial || isAutoGenerated) && (subtitleData[counterD][4] || subtitleData[counterD][5])) {
Note that the tablation came from the code after multiple conditional and loop and isn't modified or added just to make it appear longer.

Here is the link to itself to show what I mean :

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