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re tropic share

the 5649442995541 and 4639442995541 logs are full of exceptions

--ID:96TS:1456267987210-23/02/16 22:53:07 -  [] -> org.appwork.exceptions.WTFException: Not implemented
	at org.jdownloader.controlling.hosterrule.FreeAccountReference.getAccount(
	at org.jdownloader.controlling.hosterrule.AccountReference.isAvailable(
	at org.jdownloader.controlling.hosterrule.HosterRuleController$
	at org.jdownloader.controlling.hosterrule.HosterRuleController$
	at org.appwork.utils.event.queue.QueueAction.start(
	at org.appwork.utils.event.queue.Queue.startItem(
	at org.appwork.utils.event.queue.Queue.runQueue(
no downloads mentioned by tropic share, just an account login only.

please wait for Jiaz or Coalado to respond.

re: contribute tab

settings > advanced settings > GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.donatebuttonstate

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