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I added another screenshot of my desktop. Unfortunately it does not show the 4GB limit I'm encountering because I am currently using jdownloader and have removed the linklist to backup but trust me although it says 8GB, jdownloader is hitting an invisible 4GB limit which means as you can see only 0.9GB is available for the link list when I add it back.

There is no issue as it is now but it can't cope when I add 300,000 links in the linklist. I tried adding 8GB where it was 64MB before.

Am I definatley using jdownloader 64 bit?

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

This is the stats on the file I am using:

File type Win32 EXE
Magic PE32+ executable for MS Windows (GUI) Mono/.Net assembly
File size 34.72 MB (36403960 bytes)

I think I need to download a new 64 bit version.

I will save my download link list.

Just downloaded and installed - it says 32-bit in task manager and it even says 32 - bit for java in that about page. The download link said "32/64 bit webinstaller". Should this be so difficult to get a kosher 64-bit executable.

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