Thread: [User feedback required] JDownloader runs like ass
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hey so its been a while since I replied. I solved my issue by doing what you suggested but I was confused for a long time because that vmoptions file didn't exist but after some more searching I got it figured out

It would be really nice if in the future you can increase JD's heap memory in advanced settings

you also mentioned that archiving links is a feature that others have requested and that you are working on a proof-of-concept for reducing linklist (and hopefully memory) size. I would like to help anyway I can. I am not a developer but I would be willing to test these features and considering I am a heavy/power user, that might be beneficial to you

as for you last request. I have not forgotten but I do have reservations.

my linklist contains years worth of download history from many files hosters. Is there any data in the linklist that can identify me by the accounts used to download or any other information that could hurt my privacy?
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