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The problem is exactly the same here! (I use 4 sim Dls and 8 chunks each for the last few years, never had a single problem with UL). It drops to crippled speed after a few minutes DL, then stays there from 2 MB to 7 kB/s. Stop and restart JD and you get full speed again, but ONLY for a few minutes, then it slows.
It seemed to have started only in the last 20 hours or so. It was working fine yesterday. Premium account - uptodate. Its very frustrating. I've checked program and windows updates, rebooted, cleaned registry etc.

I am also having trouble with Rapidgator, which has suddenly this morning developed 'connection problems' across hundreds of files of different sizes. Basically not working either.. Unlike UL, no restart or reset gives any kind of temporary recovery.

UPDATE: Nothing has changed here on the second day. RG and UL are still both effectively dead for me (unless you call working for a minute then virtually stopping as working).

01.05.16 09.14.30 <--> 01.05.16 08.56.37 jdlog://5114625891641/

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