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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
A lot of network issues for many different hosters/downloads, Read timed out
Check firewall/av, those are the cause of this in 99,99%.
Thanks for the idea. I don't know what to look for? Apart from them not being blocked (they are not). I totally disabled my AV but the issues were/are identical for that 2 hour window. I also deleted Windows firewall rules and let it remake them. Same problem/symptoms.
Which specific ports should I allow (eg my router) for JD2?? Are there specific ports to target? Are the ports different for each file share service that JD needs me to keep open?
I have used both UL and RG with JD for many many years and never a problem. Nitroflare works fine at present. The problem happened overnight. I did not change firewall or AV in that time and had not even rebooted.
RG often has timeouts and stuff for me, but this is way way different, when it does connect it has always been fast, now it is dead dead slow over the last 2 days. Obviously I don't know if the UL and RG problems are related or not.

Additional logs:
02.05.16 19.25.40 <--> 01.05.16 20.46.26 jdlog://5025625891641/

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