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Thx for your reply!

1. The watch/unwatch clipboard icon does not appear to have a function in my instance; either state does not produce a reaction, even-though my clipboard has a valid URL in it. I'm not really concerned with this part of my problem though, maybe my security software throws in a spanner in my case.

2. I don't think the issue is with imagevenue in this case. This is a **External links are only visible to Support Staff**link to an example (NSFW b/c bare breasts). That site uses the same vBulletin as this one, just a slightly different version.

I tried the log-instructions in your sig, but they are different for me as well. JD2b has a function in the help-menu, I noticed. Here is the ID: 23.03.15 15.46.45to23.03.15 15.53.05 jdlog://4566717486241/
edit: ah, lol. I was looking at the wrong part of the page, sorry.

hope this helps!

(I do understand German, but writing it will make you laugh, so I won't attempt it here )

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