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I don't have a gallery-link, because the the material I want to batch-download was not uploaded in that way. I am sorry if I was unclear. I'll try again rephrasing this:

There was once an option that would let JD put all downloaded pics into a folder which name would resemble the thread's title. So if I was on a site called "" there could be a thread named "Jupiter" which has 10 pages because there were 25 posts per page. Also, each post would have (say) 10 pics, with thumbnails.
At the bottom of the page would be a mini-navigation menu, page 1/2/3/4/> next/last, each menu-item being a "link"that could be clicked and hence, be parsed by JD to go to the next page of the thread and go parse all the piclinks there. Rinse, repeat until the last page of the thread was reached.
and I would have 1 dir called "Jupiter", in there would be 10 dirs called "Page 1" to "Page "10", and each of those 10 dirs would contain 250 pics.

There was a time when JD would crawl through all these pages for me, and find all the imagevenue-links, which I could conveniently download from the download tab of JD. I've done 100's of megs like this in the past.

And now I changed something, or JD has changed something. I can now only get 1 page at a time, which is no biggie, until you get to "threadnaughts" and doing this page by page would be a heroic endeavor.

Help, please! JD has always done this correctly for me, and not anymore.

Please understand, this is NOT a bug report per sť, I don't understand all the functionality this complex but excellent tool has, so I am just asking for directions how to get it working for me again.
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