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An update... first file I downloaded was alright, at second file it gave me waiting time of 6 days and 22 hours.

I used a tcp/ip sniffer and I couldn't find anything wrong...
<p>Please wait <strong id="countdown">10:00</strong>
var countDownDelay = 600;

And in the log I get:
31 11.08.2010 05:20:15 - INFO [java_downloader] -> Download quota has been reached

In Firefox it works fine, BTW. No quota limit reached!

And another thing, you might want to recode that user agent string to match that of the user's client... be it Windows/IE, Mac/Safari or Whatever/Firefox. Not that it would make a huge impact but your Ubuntu/Firefox agent string is easy to trace and hosters might be able to screw with people from time to time based just on that.