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Default not Reseting time delay properly


I have been using this app for some time and love it although I am currently unable to donate due to fixed income.

I think this is the right forum to post this in and I am also not sure if this fits into some of the other filesonic threads here as they are into specific to this problem and seem to be more generic.
If not Admins please feel free to move to appropriate forum and or thread.

The current problem even with updating today is that Jdownloader does not seem to be clearing the cookies properly or returning info properly.

I know filesonic is going through changes atm supposedly they have things sorted out but I am not sure they are still not working on their systems after the last merger they did.

What is happening is I am getting one file to download with jdownloader and then jdownloader will put up the wait for 6 + days!

I can go to the web site of the file link and it will ask for the regular download as I do not have a premium nor free account with them and it will count down for the 10 minute wait period and then download without a problem.

jdownloader seems to be throwing up a cookie within itself that is then throwing up the six day wait timer. The only way for me to seem to get around this is to stop all downloads for more than an hour and then reset the file and then sometimes the timer cookie has cleared sometimes not.

Another way for me to get around this is to download the individual file from a web browser, move the file into the jdownloader folder and restart so it see the file is already there and then move on to the next file from filesonic. The next file will download and then the same 6+ day timer will reset.

This is very frustrating of course as one can imagine and I will patiently wait for a fix as this is a great program and you all have done a wonderful job over the years of maintaining and updating it.

I have attached a zipped log file for you to look at.

Thanks for your consideration and the ones able to donate are much appreciated also.
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