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:confused: OK Slight adjustment to previous commented problem.

It seems I had to wait closer to three hours and had downloaded the one file from the web hosting site and added it to the the folder in the jdownloaders folder. I then stopped jdownloader rechecked for updates (there where none of course (too soon probably as I know you are all swamped). then I restarted jdownloader.

Jdownloader then saw the files in the folder where already downloaded and intact and moved to the next set. Jdownloader started to download the first file just fine but, when it got to the second file in the set it again threw the 6+ day wait timer up.

I'm attaching another Zip file with a fresher log and with two screenshots of the first file downloading fine and the next shot showing the timer set for 6+ days on the second file.

Hope this clarifies a bit better and helps those doing the hard work on fixing problems.

Thanks again for your consideration and hopefully this will be put back into bugtacker with a new bug description or the old one will get reinstated maybe.
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