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Hey i found out whats the main problem for jd not working with filesonic free:

it really IS the time difference of jd and the filesonic website... the sites downloadcounter runs for 10 minutes... well at least that what it shows us... actually these 10 minutes take approx. 10 AND A HALF MINUTE FOR THE FILESONIC SERVER!
(i dont know in which time-zone they live atm...)

because i have over 400 ( old sharingmatrix ) now filesonic-links i really have no patience waiting for the next update... i waited 3 updates so far and still jd wants to wait 6 days and 23hours between files...

so i downloaded the source and found whats the problem there...
at public void handleFree(DownloadLink downloadLink)

             * we have to wait a little longer than needed cause its not exactly
             * the same time 
           if (Long.parseLong(countDownDelay) > 300) throw new PluginException(LinkStatus.ERROR_IP_BLOCKED, Long.parseLong(countDownDelay + 120) * 1000l);
           this.sleep(countDownDelay, downloadLink);
it seems someone already tried to fix it - BUT FAILED...
whoever it was added the extra wait time ("+ 120") to the PluginException...
BUT FORGOT to add it to the actual WAITING TIME....

changing it just like this:
           this.sleep((countDownDelay +60), downloadLink);
(note: i changed the 120 to 60 secs which works flawlessly...)

completely fixes the filesonic-plugin!
whit btw makes filesonic a pretty good host atm... 10min wait time between downloads no matter of the filesize... nice...

i know this is probably the wrong place for this (at least i havent seen anyone else posting source code here) but i just want to offer anyone waiting impatiently a quick solution (well yes you have to get the sources from cvs first... but who cares...)

Edit: Well apparently they are working on the site right now...
now the regexp for "countDownDelay" stopped working... they changed their html-code...
as a workaround i currently ignore any website countdown and just alwas let
        this.sleep(660000, downloadLink);
its a quick and uqly hack - but at least my jd gets the files... AND you devs get an idea where to look for corrections....


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