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Originally Posted by julien1530 View Post
wow, sounds you are familiar with apple programming

Unfortunately and unlike iOS, Apple does not offer simulators (or have anything like) to allow developers tests on previous macOS versions.

Instead, we are required to install macOS on virtual machines for testing. In addition, I have seen that some OS versions can't even more downloaded from the Mac App Store or the Apple Developer Portal.

All this makes backward compatibility difficult and uncomfortable.

Yes I am aware of such and at least it you are using a VM you can install the older OS and programing tools to make such an app backwardly compatible as some do still in one way or another and then you can run the code also on later version OSes through their Programing tools to compile and still maintain backward compatibility or just make one and label it such if really needed. the bigger problem of course is that now that x32 has been depreciated it is often removed which really isnt a problem for some machines of the older variety that are able to run both x32 & x64 programs.
I have not looked at the Apple Store and what they allow for flags set for Operating systems to still use the Apple Store for programs that are still available to be downloaded and run on such as osx 10.6.8 but there used to be something. Most I think now that are programing a lot and putting on the Apple Store are mostly from what I have seen is and has been the Programmers (some of these are of course the newbies or kids since apple has made the newer programing tools essentially childs play so to speak) using the latest OS and programing tools from apple and they do not know how to even make some of them backward compatible to osx 10.10.x which is really annoying.

You could also if the app store doesn't allow now days for such backward compatible programs to be put up and actually downloaded by those wanting or needing them, you could probably put such shares up on maybe your own web site or blog or some other site for others to grab and then use without having to jump through apples loop. just a thought. As a programmer many do have their own sites and blogs in one form or another.
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