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Upload a screenshot so we can understand you better, pajarraco.

pspzockerscene, you mean that the "Name" option is not supposed to change the name of the toolbar's item, but the name of the item ONLY in the toolbar manager window?

If so, why would you want to change the name of the items shown in the toolbar manager?

I mean, I think no one cares about the name in the settings window. You wanna change the name in the JD2 windows, to have a custom clean interface, right?

Anyways, I've found another way to have those settings in the toolbar.

As you can see, I've added an item (blue light bulb) and I've put the 3 items there.

I've edited the photo so I can explain the 2 bugs with just one photo. Notice that I've just added an EXTRA blue light bulb item, taken from another screen shot (there should be only one blue light bulb item, left one)

But it's also bugged, xD:

LEFT item:
-You can CLICK on it or you can HOVER THE MOUSE OVER it, in order to expand it.
-Once expanded, you click on number 1 cause you wanna increase Simultaneous Downloads, for example.
-After 1-2 seconds, the expanded menu disappears.

I've discovered that UNLESS you hover the mouse over the green area, the expanded menu will disappear.

RIGHT one:
-The same as the previous one, but if you hover the mouse over any text, and a grey info panel appears, that area of the panel is OUT of the area, so if you hover the mouse there, the menu will disappear too.

So this two bugs (well, you can say it's just one) make impossible to change anything there, because when you start to increase any number, the menu disappears.
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