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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Sukre: Why inside a VM and not directly in your QNAP? Avoids the VM overhead in space/memory
Can't help with iOS app as it is from 3rd party developer
Sorry i have it indeed installed in my qnap, idk why i was refering to my pi hole instalation. The pi-hole is the one on my debian lxc.

I installed jd2 on an w7 VM and i find the way to disable it , but i cant figure out how i can transfer that specific setting to my main jddownloader instalation on my qnap. I dont find the linkcrawler rule there. Also if i search inside the w7 jd2 installation the closest thing i have is linkcrawler.linkcrawler.config.json, and inside that is only info about maxthreads and theadkeepalive

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