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Default JD2 last update clears out all user accounts

Started JD2 today, it updates itself to the latest version, and all my accounts, about 15, are gone! The account manager panel is empty.

So I restored a backup of ten days ago from Time Machine, started it, and all is ok, all accounts are present.
But if update again, with the update button at top, or by relaunching the app, all accounts disappear again.
Tried this many times.

I've checked in the cfg folder and both the files org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs
are the same size but the date is changed to today.

(Checking the contents with FileBuddy with my backup, the 2 accounts.ejs are exactly the same, instead the 2 .json are different, the listversion has changed)

If I try to replace only these 2 files with my backup, don't works, the accounts panel is still empty.

So, at today every time I run the update or quit and relaunch JD2, I lose all my accounts.

Running MacOSX 10.6.8

Any suggestion?

In short:
- If I copy my backup app and run it, all ok.
- If I update it, I lose my accounts.
- If I only copy the 2 files above from the backup, still all accounts are empty.
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