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Default Downloading from amazon just by using JD, is quite slower than Flashgot+JD

I know that Flashgot is long outdated, however, it is still possible to use it through a portable version of Firefox 56

I realized that if I download a link from amazon drive through JD, I donīt get any speed further than 33-34 MB/S

However, if I add the links just one by one, through Flashgot, I get my full speed (using the same configuration).

The only difference I see is that whenever I download the files through Flashgot, JD detects its links as AMAZON CLOUD SERVICE links, instead of AMAZON DRIVE links. I also tried getting the straight links to the files, just by starting the download manually, cancelling it and then copying the resultant URL. Jd takes the link as a AMAZON CLOUD SERVICE one, however, I cannot a download speed as fast as the ones I get through FLASHGOT.

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