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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Flashgot also can send the current session/cookies which might results in better speeds and JDownloader will do download without those information.

What is your full speed?

Do you mean the same file added directly will result in 33-34Mbyte/s while adding the same file via Flasgot results in higher speed?
I'm asking because the *add the links just one by one*...sounds like downloading multiple at the same time?

Did you check if you use the same number of chunks/connections?
Yep. The same connection and the same amount of files.

My full speed is of 500 MBITS/ (Aproximmately 63 MB/S). In example, the link I posted here adds 8 files at the same time. With Flasghot, I must add each file one by one.

I forgot to mention that the configuration I used was of 4 files at the same time, with 4 chuncks each. Downloading it directly with JD, I only get 33-34 MB/S, while downloading it with Flashgot, I get my maximum speed.

I have also made the same test with just 1 file and 4 chunkcs. Through Jdownloader I only get 19 mb/s, while through Flashgot I get my full speed (63 MB/S).

I remember that something similar happened in the past.
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