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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Can you change Flashgot got NOT forward cookies and test if that changes speed? As far as I remember there is a setting/configuration available in flashgot.

Most likely this is "anonymous/public" download vs "logged in" speed
I thought about that. I do not know if that matters, but i am not logged in any amazon account in the FIREFOX 56 portable browser I am using.

EDIT: I have done what you said. Tried 4 files at the same time with 3 chuncks in it and I get my maximum speed.

By the way, I did not know anything about that "cookies option". But thanks that you talked me about that, I managed to resolve another problem that I had with another firefox addon (it is called "Download it jdownloader") and blocked google drive links. The addon also has a cookie option and if we let that option selected, we can still download things from google drive, even if it shows the "Quota exceeded" message to anonymous users.

PD2: I have found out that the same problem happens, even using that addon I previously mentioned (download with jdownloader). Not only with amazon, but also with google drive.

If I download the files through JD (in both servers) or with Download with JDOWNLOADER, I only get 33-34 MB/s (45 at some short times) at most. But if I download them trough flashgot, I download at my fastest speed.

In the case of google drive, with Flashgot, JD detects the links as googleusercontet links, instead of regular google drive links.

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