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Default Custom referer in crawljob file

I created a script that does some web scrapping and parses a certain web pages to get the (direct) download links. The script then creates a crawljob JSON file that I load into jdownloader.
It was working fine until recently the host admin decided to restrict access to files through Cloudflare if the request headers doesn't contain the website url as a Referer.
Is there a way to set a custom referer in the crawljob file?

Note: Selecting the link in the browser and using Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V on JD loaded the link just fine. However right clicking and selecting "copy link" in the context menu gives the 403 Cloudflare error. I guess that in the first way, the referer is copied to the clipboard and imported into JD. But doing manual work in browser is not the purpose of my script.

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