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Default Speed extremely slow toward the end of a download

I Live in Australia and i am on cable with a max download speed of around 2.25mb/sec. In order to reach this speed i need at least 15 "max connections per file", per download. All is well during the download, as the connections max out to 15 and i'm able to download at 2.25mb/sec.

However, toward the end of downloading a file, for example, the last 20mb of a 200mb file, the connections in JDownloader drop from 15 slowly down to 1, before the file has completed downloading. I'm assuming this is built into the program in order to close connections. However, for me at least, this causes the download to drastically slow down, from 2mb/sec to 50kb/sec and lower. Basically, if it takes 5 mins to download 180 mb, it will then take 20 minutes to download that last 20 mb.

Is there anyway to stop JDownloader from reducing max connections toward the end of the file? If not, is there any other solution i can implement to stop this problem from occurring? (Im pretty sure its an inherited problem with cable / my location (australia)).

ps: This occurs on many hosters, filesonic, fileserve and depositfiles, with only 1 download active.

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