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At this stage it will be an alpha release and not a beta (nightly). But it will be usable (stable enough to use) just not all feature additions + code changes will been implemented/completed yet. Dynamic chunking hasn't been implemented as of yet, but parts of the framework has.

Our Next Major Version will require a new install (new config system and it's not transferable). It will be also optimised for java 1.7.

is that 2.2MegaBytes / sec or Megabit? Either way I would have thought you should be able to max out your connection with less connections than that. Try running less max con per file and more max dl. I recommend 4 4 0 which allows better distribution of chunksize with less chance of one part holding back the next download from starting, which effectively what happens with 15 1 0.

No core updates are been made to current stable/beta's you will need to wait for the next major update.
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