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Default "Temporarily Unavailable" / Bug lowering chunks on restart

Hi there,

I have had an intermittent problem with for a couple of months now. If I stop a download part way through, and then try to restart the link, now and again I can see JD2 try "Starting" the link several times before it gives up and reports the link as "Temporarily Unavailable". The problem is that it is not. If I reset the link most of the time (not always) JD2 can restart the link just fine, indicating here wasn't actually a problem. If I wait and leave JD2 to retry, sometimes it can restart the link, and sometimes after 12 hours it still cannot and I have to manually reset in order for it to work.

Here is a log where it reported the unavailable problem, I reset the link and it could restart (note you only need to look at the last 8 minutes of the log) : 21.03.17 23.49.27 <--> 26.03.17 00.01.43 jdlog://4383979150841/

Another bug I found is that if I have a link downloading 10 chunks, then stop the download, change number of chunks to 1 and restart the downloads, JD2 resets the whole link and starts from the beginning again, instead of using the 10 chunks I had at the beginning.

These two problems make it very difficult for me to stop my downloads as I could lose gigs of data as JD2 may automatically restart a download, or I have to reset the link manually to get it to restart a link.

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