Thread: [User feedback required] JD2 doenst crwal links anymore?
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Default JD2 doenst crwal links anymore?


i've encountered the issue, that my JD doesnt crawl links anymore. it doesnt depend on any hoster.
i'am using + headless JD on my raspi since ages. error occures since about 2 month now

when i start a crawl job, the crwaling icon on my.jdownloader starts to work. almost immediately after, the icon stopps and some seconds later the JD adds this log lines in logs/1537426029603_Thu, Sep 20, 2018 08.47 +0200/jd.controlling.linkcollector.LinkCollector.log.0:

------------------------Thread: 63976:jd.controlling.linkcollector.LinkCollector.log-----------------------
--ID:63976TS:1537443772226-9/20/18 1:42:52 PM - [jd.controlling.linkcollector.LinkCollector(addCrawlerJob)] -> Added CrawlerJob:ID:1537443772222|Origin:MYJD


theres nothing else in the logs. i've resettet my config now but the problem remains. any help is appreciated

greetings, h.
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