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Default Package management

Hi, I'm trying to download pictures from this site **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Now this is a two scenarios question.

On the first escenario I have turn on create package folder on both sites (general options and packager rule).

If I add the links for any gallery I have no problems at all, the links are grabbed, a package is created, I can rename the package, the name of the package is going to be the name of the folder.


My problem begins when I add a second set of gallery links. All the new files shares the same name of the previous one, but instead of creating a new package, JDownloader 2 makes a package for each file sharing the same file name, so instead of having 2 packages with 10 files each, I end with 10 packages of 2 files each.


In scenario 2 I turn off create package folder on general options.

With one gallery I end with 10 packages of 1 file each, with 2 galleries I end up with 10 packages of 2 files each.

If I turn off create package folder in the packager rule, with one gallery I get a single package but when I download I have no folder (obviously...), and with 2 galleries I have 10 packages with 2 files each. I leave to your imagination what happens if you download the files this way.

I need to config JDownloader 2 in a way that when I add a second, or third, etc, gallery each gallery is treated like a different package, regardless of the name of the files inside the package (gallery A, package A, 10 files; gallery B, package B, 6 files; gallery C, package C. 86 files) and of course, when I download the packages a folder is created for each package.

Is this possible?, how I do it?
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