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Originally Posted by dramaman View Post
that is exactly what I wanted, to force files to a separate package.
I have a other script running that handles folder structure, but it broke when files have the same name.
using date and time in package name fixed the issue.
I see you have used milliseconds precision time stamp, so it will be not 'most likely' but 'definitely' one package per file. Add a few files with same name to JD using the following rule:
File name -> contains -> *
Then set -> Package Name -> <jd:orgfilenamewithoutext> - <jd:simpledate:yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX>

Even though the package name is same, the time stamp value will be different for each link which is added so they will be named/packaged accordingly. Without the rule they would have same name, and hence JD would have put them in a single package.
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