Thread: [User feedback required] Pending Download Link/s Blocking Shutdown Ext.
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Default Pending Download Link/s Blocking Shutdown Ext.

Hello, since it isn't the first time I face this issue, I thought of reporting it.

Basically, let's say I have a bunch of links to download from (most times from "Zippyshare's" servers), I just start the process and enable the "shutdown extension" in order it sleeps the system. Most times all the links get downloaded fine, and thus the system get asleep, as intended; but every now and then, there is this time, when a few links (usually one or two) don't get downloaded because "temporary" server side issues. When that happens, even after several retries (with 15 minutes lapses) in some hours, when I come back to the system I see they are just one or two "problematic" files which kept on the system; and curiously enough, after "resetting" the links they start downloading right away (which makes me wonder why none of the previous retries didn't work).

Anyway, could you implement some option to "limit" the retries' attempt amount? So, let's say I fix that value at just 2 attempts per link, otherwise, make JD2 proceed to execute the shutdown task.

That would allow my system get asleep, without idling unnecessarily for hours.

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