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As stated previously due to Certain info that might be posted "sensitive information we can not allow attachments to be viewed by other users. With different international laws on privacy we need to make sure users can not make mistakes that we are liable for." get used to it.

Yes I know this can be done but a Special script would have to be created and added when such is uploaded to the forum that the uploader would have to select to make it view-able to public. Often though such needs to be done very carefully and depending on the forum software doing such can sometimes create other problems for the forum itself. Then there is the issues of if/when the dbase for the forum breaks or gets corrupted for any number of reasons which could then allow even the ones that were selected not selected for private viewing to be shown.

Yes there are times when I would like to see some of the attachments to try to help others with problems when I could but, this is not really like other forums in the sense that it deals with some things that are frowned upon by certain (cough) entities.

I for one appreciate what the admins and programmers do here for us and as such I am used to the rules they have in place and well I have gotten used to it also.
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