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Default twitter plugin option has error with meta filename


Recently when I went from having "original filename" unchecked, to checked, then back to unchecked in my Twitter Plugins options, the filename then gets 'messed up' with the last part of the filename compared to how it appeared in the past.

For example:
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**
Old filenames were like:

After this glitch/bug/error, filenames now are like this:

You can see the hash-like/alphanumeric part is just a number, 0 (or 1,2,3+ etc depending if its a multiple image/video entry)

JD Log example
10.09.21 23.52.18 <--> 11.09.21 00.01.08 jdlog://7867825302851/

Edit: I can post more examples if needed, let me know. It happens now for anything Twitter, regardless of url/account. Seems like something got glitched when I swapped back and forth the settings during a single session (no restarting in between the changes besides when adding a new Link).

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