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weird two of my posts didnt submit this morning.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
I thought SSL was now used mostly by default due to all the filtering going on out there? Much the same way https: is as websites transition over to it.
ssl can be used to bypass non crypted filtering, but not always required for download servers since they might not be blocked. For example download servers are on different subdomains or domains, so harder to block random URI they're not aware of.

also hosters don't send finallink data via https typically because it requires more cpu power on the fileserver and more traffic due to overheads introduced by encryption. So more cost to the hosting company.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Oh I agree, but VPN is being used more and more for additional privacy. The trend is quite the opposite from what these users of Cloudfare think.
trend, maybe for people who have something to hide? or who are suspect of big brother. Still say majority of people don't and cloudflare couldn't treat VPN/Proxies due to the unknown (how many users|not knowing the are hosting those services)

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Well isn't that what I said? Or is there something additional I should know about that I left out?
I was agreeing with you and adding some more info.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
It's the only browser I use. With the possible exception of Opera, you're not going to get any privacy using Chrome or any of the other Chromium-based offshoots. I consider Chrome to be spyware, plain & simple.
I'm still using opera12 also, but its getting long in the tooth. New opera is just a chrome clone which I don't like, missing all the features that I heavily use in 12.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Probably not, but at the very least, they're going to get another billionth complaint about it.

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