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Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
No, actually VPN services are a growth industry. People used to take some measure of privacy for granted. Not anymore.

Besides, paranoids who have something to really hide would probably use something ridiculous like Tor and paint a scarlet letter around themselves.
was more so a joke, I understand the need for them.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
With Premium accounts, it shouldn't matter since my user name and password logs into their service. There's no need for them to use a location service unless they actively want to track people.
unfortunately for you, it does matter. antiddos providers sit in front of given web services. you are blocked based on algos/rules/patterns defined by cloudflare (and somewhat the website) based on geolocation/subnets/volume of requests, just to name a few things they would be working on. Block is done regardless if you're paying customer or not.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
So whattyagonnado? Go back to IE?

haven't used IE in decades, other than to update xp.

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