Thread: [User feedback required] Direct Connection problem - no IPv4 binding
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Default Direct Connection problem - no IPv4 binding


I'm struggling to get Direct Connect working. I've set these settings:
MyJDownloaderSettings: Preferred IPVersion = IPV4_ONLY
MyJDownloaderSettings: Manual Local Port = 3129
MyJDownloaderSettings: Direct Connect Mode = Allow lan/wan connections with manual port forwarding
MyJDownloaderSettings: Manual Remote Port = 3129
I've configured port forwarding on TCP 3129 to my server running JDownloader on my external router.

When I run a netstat on my server, I can only see JDownloader binding on IPv6 to port 3129. There is no IPv4 binding.

I presume the lack of IPv4 binding is why Direct Connect is not working. Any ideas how to resolve?

Jdownloader Rev: #43459
Java 9.0.4
Ubuntu 20.04

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