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Again (or is is still, not sure) JD2 is having problems with dailyuploads. Sample link is,

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Now when I start the download the JD2 dialog comes up as usual. At that point control is turned over to the browser where I can process the CAPTCHA. Now the dialog comes up and I am required to click it's Open button to switch over to the browser. It may be it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't but I can't pin it down more than that (JD2 build date Mon May 17, 18:58).

Reverting JD2 to my backup (build date Sun Mar 9 19:41) doesn't exhibit the problem.

Note, not sure the protocol here, i.e., how to remove the "Solved" tag on this thread's title. Should have I started a separate thread?

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