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I guess they just lost track of that file and I can give many other examples of lost files that are still reported as "available" after several weeks of trying. I don't know any other file host with such a big problem.

As I said before I think they screwed up their indexes (after a crash or whatever) and now they no longer know where some of their files are.
Knowing where your files are stored should be one of the basics of file hosting, but that doesn't seem to apply to the amateurs at FSe.

If a disk with all those files has crashed and they haven't made backups, they should simply remove the lost files from their indexes.

If it would be a server problem then I can't imagine that none of those guys at FSe hasn't detected it or hasn't received a complaint about it during the last few weeks. I can't imagine they wouldn't check the accessibility of their servers at least once a day. I would check/ping my servers every few minutes.


I would never even think of paying one cent for such a bad service.