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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I'm sorry but I don't kow what bug you mean?
What do you mean by *fails to recieve result*?
Maybe you can provide more information.

In case you are talking about the RecaptchaV2 issues. Google changed RecaptchaV2 last night and the MyJDownloader Browser extension is now mandatory in order to solve RecaptchaV2 in your browser. See **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...
Ok then, i was facing the local host issue, installed myjdownloader extension within firefox, even opened an account, then updated jd2. Great this issue was gone, I was able to respond to the captcha challemge inside firefox, but then, after resolving, the window inside jd2 would stick and the timer would still go on and on till it ends ans the download would'nt start. I guess that's what DarkDaLite meant in his opening post by "fails to receive result". Anyone knows about this and how to help. Thank you
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