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Originally Posted by Newbie78 View Post
I tried everything and couldn't get it working. I had problem entering the proper path mainly because I use OSX on a macbook. After many tries, It seems it accepted it. Then the SID and HSID were a bit of a challenge (i'm still not sure if I have to use or for this is where I live) but anyhow, none is working. I am stuck, if you have any idea...
I don't now OSX... But to break this down:

Does the (new) browser open, when a captcha call comes? If so, then that part is fine, I hope.

What kind of captchas do you get? Very hard with multiple pages? Then the HSID and SID don't work. If they do, you will get the usual, sometimes click box, some times one page, some times two pages of images.
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