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Hello @mgpai scriptmaster, I was referred to you in this thread -

I'm hoping you can help with this one.

Basically I'm looking to auto-rename .rars from this site as well as the single .mp4 inside the rar after unpacked (there is always just one .mp4 file in the rars).

Also, sometimes if it's small enough the download will just be a .mp4 and no rar.

I'm looking to auto-rename in both cases when entered into linkgrabber (and for first one the extracted .mp4 as well).

.mp4 inside is named exactly as the rar package
HTML Code:
First I would like when these enter the linkgrabber for "www.0xxx.ws_" to be stripped from the front and ".MP4-KTR" to be stripped from the back. Then after these are removed I will sometimes add something to the front of the file name myself for example:
HTML Code:
I would like the extract to put the single .mp4 in the same directory (not subdirectory) of the .rars and be renamed to EXACTLY how the .rar is named.

So would be renamed to:
HTML Code:

If the download is small and just a .mp4 (not rard) , then I would just need linkgrabbed to remove "www.0xxx.ws_" from the front of the name and ".MP4-KTR" from the end (might be able to do this without a script but I can't figure out how to do the end part.


Sorry for the long wall of text and please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!

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