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thx statter,

- i usually quit all apps bevore running JD alone.
- i am running JD on my 2.8 Ghz alu imac 24" with 4GB RAM and 1TB HD
- i can provoke freeze of the mac when running itunes and playing songs,
and then also running JD for 30minutes or 1h it freezes
- i updated to 10.6.4 about 9 weeks ago, i guess, but i didnt format disc and install
everything new since 2008.
- i am usually verify permission and repaid disc and clear cache files when JD freezes my mac, then i press on/off button and then i reboot using apple+S button into save mode, there i use the app "applejack" which repaids my mac.
- i also tried earlier to switch java to 32bit in the control panel/ java app. but that didnt prevent JD to freeze my mac.
- i usually quit safari when i run JD (and all other apps), but i wont help
- your write: "Sometimes if JD is stuck one needs to do a force quit", in my case,
JD doesnt just hang, i never notived that JD is hanging, JD freezes my whole mac and system, i cannot press apple+alt+esc to force quit or any other button, its a freeze...the mouse cursor changes to the ball and spins for hours, when i would wait

what i can do now: start JD in rosetta and try that way, thanks
but i did that once, and also switched JAVA to 32bit, but it froze after 1h running.
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