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Sounds messy, but maybe some links are not working due stable requiring restart after updates and some times multiple restarts. Clipboard monitoring shouldn't add everything, its very select in what gets added to linkgrabber, though not quite as select as you doing only the URLS you want of course.

re: Q3: in regards to flashgot/external interface addon.
It's just a API which flashgot addon in firefox uses to communicate with JDownloader to add links from your browser. But also its used for Click N Load, this adds links from website via javascript to the same API. If you want Click N Load supported or you use flashgot in firefox, you will need to have this addon enabled.

re: Q4: Could this have Clobbered the other JDownloaders?
no, each install can run independently of other jdownloaders, just only one will be bound to API ports.
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