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Default Which process im supposed to stop on task manager to restart jdownloader

Jdownloader freezed after adding an url:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Trying to close from icon do not work.

On task manager the process i suppose is javaw.exe

but if im not wrong thats the whole java runtime itself (this is confusing for me, im not a programmer)

At the same time i have a running session of chrome i cannot stop for a long while.

So my question is, options:

1. There is another process that is jdownloader itself, so you tell me the name and i can restart jdownloader without stopping java.

2. javaw.exe is not java is jdownloader and stopping it wont bother any other java software running.

3. Actually u r screwed cause javaw.exe is both jdownloader process and java supporting runtime for any other program using java, including chrome.

4. none, u have a mess in ur mind.

If i bother u whith this is because is not the first time i stare at the task manager with jdownloader freezed without knowing why the process is described as java platform and not as jdownloader, i know restarting it will work cause i already did it, but dont know if whenever i do that i ruin running processes on other softwares running on java.
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