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Originally Posted by Johsnon View Post
Is it only me, or does the Android app (version of 31.Oct) currently not support any capture notification of my JD2 (version of 2.Nov; core#22785 and also core#22803) ?
Actually it hasn't worked for me for a while now; I think since the last 2 or 3 JD2 Core updates... or so.
I checked:
- JD2 is connected to my account
- I also see the connection in the webinterface of with the current DLs and so on
- the app also tells me that the connection is fine, and I see the DLs, current DL speed

But when I have any capture popups in JD2 (Windows7), it just won't show me in the App (I hit refresh several times - nothing).
Any ideas?
Can you send me a short mail to or use the feedback form of the app or the web interface? I will then contact you immediately and try to sort out what's happening. Thank you!
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