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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
why not continue to use jd? it seems you used it before, why change now?
JD1 takes quite a long time to load and I'd prefer to run just one program. JD1 was able to handle the podcast download and everything else as well.

I found that I can use the Firefox "View Page", then "Media", which brings up a list of all the objects on that podcast web page. I can then save the mp3 from the object list.

I'm always running Firefox anyway, so I'll use JD2 as the download manager and Firefox to download the podcasts.

Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
JD1 and JD2 should be able to download the podcast using the deep decrypt method. In JD2 you can filter results via file type or filename and just add the audio you want, and delete the rest.

JD1 deep decrypt was able to find all the objects on the web page but the JD2 deep decrypt usually comes up with an empty list. JD2 generally can do everything JD1 does, except for that one thing.

If you're curious, this is an example of a podcast link:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

JD1 brings up a big list of objects and one of them is the mp3 file. JD2 displays one file link, which is listed as offline.
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