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Default 24-Hour Clock Please!

Hello, and thank you to the developer(s) for the fantastic JDownloader. Friends and family members who already use it for their own downloads, recommended it to me, and it is only recently that I started using it.

Having used the Scheduler-function very often so far, I wish to give you some feedback by commenting that I find the absence of a 24-hour clock probably the most frustrating part of using the Scheduler. Please, would the developer favourably consider providing a 24-hour clock as an option for setting download schedules?

I also find some of the Action & Parameter options quite confusing. For instance, which parameter do I choose when I want the Scheduler to move all, or a particular selection of files depicted in the Linkgrabber tab, to the Downloads tab at the scheduled time, and start the downloads immediately?

Thank you.

PS. Interested parties who want to read more about the pros and cons of the 12-hour and 24-hour clocks, may wish to refer to these pages:

12-hour Clock. Confusion at Noon and Midnight

24-hour Clock
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