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I had that issue, I blamed it on using a non-updated Waterfox with noscript and ublock origin running simultaneously. Or something else.
My solution thus far: Install chromium (or chrome), and only use it for captchas for Jdownloader. Needs fiddling in the string for the browser.

So: Install chromium, get the link to Chrome.exe from the shortcut.
Open advanced settings in Jdownloader, and enter the path to the browser in the appropriate field, i.e. paste the string, adding the brackets and quotation marks and extra string as in the example, and adding double backslashes instead of single. (I didn't see that at first and bugged the hell out of me.)

In Chromium, log in to a google account, and get the SID and HSID from the cookies. Input to the appropriate places in Jdownloader.

Also, obviously install the Jdownloader extension. I added "Customize Tab Position 2" to turn popups into tabs.

This now works again. It's annoying to have to use 2 browsers, but.. better than nothing.
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